10 Must-Have Apps to Manage Your Business Online

If you’re a small online business owner, you’re always on the go every day with a myriad of tasks to accomplish like marketing management, financial management, online sourcing, analytic monitoring and so much more.

As long as you have an internet connection, eCommerce gives you the freedom to work any time and from any part of the world. Therefore, you need efficient apps that help you manage your business online and more than ever to keep a close eye on your store’s operations and customer engagements.

Statistics reveal that today, 50% of consumers shop for products and services on the web and this figure is projected to rise. On the other hand, according to Forbes, over 23,000 e-stores are making $100,000 on average each month.

Thankfully, with a robust eCommerce platform, you can also catch up with the big boys and generate revenue for your online store. Additionally, other tools can help you monitor your business remotely and make your workforce more productive.

We will take a look at some of the most useful tools that can make your online store to the next level. Let’s dive right in.

1.Google Analytics

If you’re running an online store, you can’t just depend on the stats provided by your shopping cart. You need more in-depth reports that will help manage your online business. Google Analytics eCommerce tracking is a perfect free online tool that allows you to correlate sales data with website usage data. 

Google analytics integrates with almost all eCommerce platforms helping you understand the performance of your website landing pages and marketing campaigns.

2. Mail Chimp

Emails are a flexible medium of communication in the world today. Email marketing is a potent channel for driving business today that allows longer, targeted messages. Most people prefer to receive emails more than any other form of communication. Mail Chimp is an efficient tool to improve customer retention by way of sending out email newsletters.

You can integrate Mail Chimp tool in your e-store and have an email sign up form that where you can design striking emails that prompt customers to come back and buy more products from you.

3. GraphicRiver

GraphicRiver is another tool that every e-store owner should consider. This App is a perfect option where you don’t want to credit an artisan for a photo. The community of artisans in this platform upload original content and sell it to companies for a small price.

You can buy icons, photos, eCommerce icon graphics, design, templates, and eCommerce banners web elements.

4. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is the leading global free questionnaires platform that you can integrate with your online shop. It provides 15 question types that include rating scales and multiple choice to help you get feedback regarding your products and engage with your customers.

The tool allows you to customize the questionnaires where you can add your company logo, name, colors, and image. You can also get a personalized survey URL to send respondents a promotional landing page upon survey completion.

5. ZenDesk

ZenDesk app allows you to integrate your eCommerce website to help you resolve customers’ tickets faster and efficiently. The app offers customer support with chat and voice extensions that help you reach out to your customers.

With ZenDesk, you will improve customer relationship, and you get feedback from them. The features that come along with this app include customer details including billing address, year to date sales, and account balance.

6. Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster tool has similar functionality with Google Analytics. However, it allows Google to index your site and see what problems your store could be experiencing like broken links, common keywords and more.

When you integrate Google Webmaster tools with your eCommerce website, you can connect your campaign and optimize for HTML improvement, keywords and structured data. This tool will also give you reports on traffic search queries, links to your site and internal links.

7. Shopify’s Mobile eCommerce app

Shopify is a robust eCommerce platform with user-friendly features and supports mobile responsive design for effective search engine optimization. With Shopify mobile eCommerce app  you will be able to track the information to gauge traffic, conversions, order processes and more. Shopify mobile app will help you to stay connected to your businesses’ operations.

8. Google Keyword Planner

SEO is crucial in your eCommerce website. Keyword Planner is a potent free Google Ad tool that allows you to search for keywords lists. When you integrate the tool in your eCommerce business, you’ll understand what people are searching for and optimize for those keywords in your online shop.

Also, the keyword planner will also allow you to see the exact monthly search volumes and effectively increase your traffic from Google. If you have a list of keywords that you wish to view metrics for, you need to get started with Google Keyword Planner and use on your blog posts to grab your customers attention.

9. Trello

Trello is an excellent tool for project and task management. With Trello, you can collect your tasks into lists while allowing you to interact with your team to help them understand what jobs are most urgent and those that the ones for a later time.

Besides managing your work projects, you can use this tool to organize your daily tasks, track your time and create a customized meal plan with photos, a checklist of ingredients and cooking instructions and more.

10. Google Drive

Most people are familiar with Google Drive, a cloud storage platform that comes with free and affordable paid plans with support for many office productivity apps. Google drive interface is free to download, easy to use with minimal or no learning curve.

You can create Google office documents or Google pixel for unlimited photo and videos storage at no cost. The app also offers the users to create and edit multiple files formats like drawings, Doc, Slides, Sheets and more.

While some eCommerce website owners can choose one or two apps to help manage their business online, you must agree that running your e-store when you’re on mobile is easy and efficient.

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